About Us

The Canna Union Mission

Canna Union strives to provide premium cannabis products and services globally to customers seeking alternative wellness solutions. To achieve optimal health, people need to turn to natural solutions, free of heavy chemicals. In minimizing pain and health ailments, we can help our customers live their best lives. Our products, infused with CBD, focus on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to create balance and thus, stimulate immune responses, appetite cleansing, and memory strengthening, as well as communication between cells to ensure that they’re working effectively.

Our Ethics

The work we do is based heavily in the UK, where we produce our CBD products as well as distribute them. Our diverse product line ranges from CBD oils to topicals to skincare.

We are committed to upholding the following values:

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Top Quality

Our CBD is grown in Europe and sourced with trusted, reputable partners.

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Lab Tested

Our CBD is laboratory-tested to ensure it maintains superior quality at all levels of development.

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Canna Union educates people on the medicinal and legal factors around CBD through its website and customer service team.

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We support our customers and the environment by producing sustainable products that are all-natural and pesticide-free.

Quality CBD Is Our Top Priority

At Canna Union, we use our own premium quality CBD from seed to sale. We value trust and in growing our own product, quality is guaranteed throughout the entire production process, from supplier to consumer. Quality matters to us and with the rise of CBD in the past decade, companies have begun skimping on quality and ethics to get a quick cash grab. We on the other hand, are actively optimizing our production workflows to ensure trust in our partners, suppliers, and customers. We also verify third-party certified lab tests with the most reputable labs in the industry.

Extraction Methods

Canna Union ensures the CBD in our products is extracted using sub/supercritical CO2 extraction methods.

There are many advantages to CO2 extraction methods:

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