What You Need to Know About CBD Hash

What You Need to Know About CBD Hash
Updated September 12th 2022:

You are probably aware of cannabis hash and have likely heard of CBD, but you may not know that CBD hash exists. Most people think of oil, or possible capsules, gummies, edibles, or topical creams when they picture CBD products. Hash is also available, although it is less common, making it unknown to many people. 

CBD Hash Is a Concentrate

Hash is one of the forms of CBD concentrate that is available in the market. As the name implies, CBD concentrates have concentrated quantities of CBD, so you get a higher amount of CBD in each small bit of the substance that you enjoy. Some concentrates are liquid, and some come in the form of hash. 

How to Make CBD Hash

CBD hash is typically made from cannabis plants that have high concentrations of CBD and low concentrations of THC. You could make your own CBD hash by rubbing the crystals off of the buds, then compressing them. 

In reality, most manufacturing of hash is a little more complicated than this. It involves taking those same CBD-rich components, like the buds and the pollen. It is typically pressed using large sieves or ice water. Ideally, hash is made without any additives, keeping it all-natural. 

How to Make CBD Hash

You Do Not Need Much Hash

Remember that because CBD hash is a concentrate, it will be much more powerful than other forms of CBD. As such, you need less to get the desired effects. 

Because of this, you should always start with a small amount of hash and slowly increase the amount you use. Otherwise, you may find yourself quickly overwhelmed. No matter how you use it, you should wait at least several minutes, if not hours, between smoking or vaping a second hit. 

How to Smoke CBD Hash

One of the popular ways of using CBD hash is to smoke it. Remember that if you plan to smoke CBD hash, you will need a lot less than CBD buds. 

You will typically want to start using hash by rolling it into a joint. To use it, place a heat source under a small quantity of the hash. Then you should take small puffs. You do not want to just light the hash and burn it while you smoke since this will waste the hash. 

How to Vape CBD Hash

If you plan to vape your CBD hash, then you will need to get an e-cigarette or vaporizer. While you should always ensure you choose quality hash, this is particularly important when using a vaporizer. That is because low-quality hash may contain contaminants that could damage your vaporizer. Remember that heat makes your hash get gooey. Because of this, it is smart to cover your vaporizer using degummed hemp pads. If you use a liquid pad or a concentrate pad, expect hash to be too sticky and to ruin it. 

To minimize damage to your vaporizer, opt for pollen CBD hash, which is powdery, instead of the sticky version. Going with the powdery hash will also allow you to break it up more evenly, allowing for a nice and even vape. 

Get ready to vape your hash by chopping it up as finely as possible. Make sure you chop it, not fluff it. If you fluff your hash by slightly burning it, this will release some of the CBD content too early, giving you less of it to inhale. 

How to Vape Hash

How to Incorporate CBD Hash Into Topicals

It is also common to incorporate CBD hash into topicals. Most of these products will already have the hash mixed in by the manufacturer. You can also make them yourself if you want to use a particular carrier substance.  

How to Cook With CBD Hash

Another popular use of CBD hash is to cook with it. If you want to cook with hash, make sure that you put it through decarboxylation first. This involves heating it to between 110 to 116 degrees Celsius for about an hour. 

You should also expect it to take a few tries to get the dosing right on your edibles, but this should become easier with practice. You will want to measure precisely while prepping ingredients and cooking, and you should do your best to distribute the hash evenly throughout your dish. 

The Food Determines the Release of the CBD

When cooking with hash or consuming edibles made with it, remember that your choice of food directly affects how long it takes to start feeling the effects of the CBD. The longer it takes your body to metabolize the food, the longer it will take for you to begin noticing effects

Dosing With CBD Hash Edibles

As mentioned, dosing when cooking with hash is notoriously complicated. You will also need to account for differences in dosing based on the food you choose. Lighter foods that are metabolized quickly typically need lower doses of CBD hash than those that are heavier and take longer to metabolize. 

In other words, if you use the same amount of CBD hash in soups and mac and cheese, either the mac and cheese will not be strong enough, or the soup will be too strong. As with vaping or smoking, start with a lower amount of hash and increase it next time if you need to.

Dosing With Hash Edibles

Legality of CBD Hash

Of course, CBD hash will be legal anywhere that cannabis is legal. In addition to this, it will also be legal in some specific cases at the federal level, at least in the United States. If the hash is made from hemp instead of cannabis and contains less than 0.3 percent of THC, then it is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Pay close attention to your hash’s content and source if you want to take advantage of this legality. 

CBD hash is a concentrated form of CBD, the non-psychoactive chemical compound of the cannabis plant. You can smoke hash in a joint, vape it, or cook with it. You can also find some topical creams that already include CBD hash.