CBD Oil for Cats UK: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide & Catalogue

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Browse, shop and read on below to see the UK’s most reputable brands and to discover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about CBD Oil for Cats UK and it’s benefits. These quality CBD Oil products are all locally produced in the UK for the most part and you can get free and fast shipping throughout.

Can your cat safely consume CBD oil made for humans? The simple answer is yes, you can. You don’t have to hunt around for a product that’s been manufactured specifically for your cat. It’s a good idea to give your cat a smaller dose than is recommended for human usage, because pets generally carry less body weight, and a similar dose would be much more impactful on them.

Also, if your pet has any serious health issues, you should probably discuss that with your veterinarian before giving them CBD oil. 

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When is CBD Oil Used for Cats?

There are probably just as many situations where CBD oil can be used to help your cat as there are for helping yourself. For instance, if your cat is suffering from the anxiety of moving into new surroundings, that might be a time when CBD oil can be very effective. Just like with humans, when your cat is in some kind of pain, the oil can do wonders in reducing that pain and discomfort.

Your cat might also be suffering from a degenerative joint condition such as arthritis. This is another time when CBD oil might be very effective at relieving chronic pain.

It is fairly uncommon, but some cats suffer from epileptic seizures, and their symptoms can be relieved by giving them a dose of CBD oil. The oil has proven to be very effective at limiting the frequency and severity of human epileptic seizures, and it’s just as useful at managing seizures in cats.

Is CBD Oil Cat-friendly?

Yes, with a couple of caveats. There really hasn’t been any serious research done on how CBD oil affects cats, so we are left with the minimal amount of research that’s been performed with dogs and the greater body of evidence from treating humans. All those studies indicate that there are no safety issues surrounding the usage of CBD oil with pets, so more than likely you won’t have any issues using it with your cat.

However, the one safety issue regarding CBD usage is one that impacts all users of the product, and that’s the lack of any regulatory function on the sale of CBD oils. Random testing has shown that relatively few products actually contain the amount of CBD oil listed on the label, with some having more than is listed, and some having almost no CBD at all.

In order to find a product that contains the exact amount of oil listed on the label, look for products that carry a seal from the U.S. Hemp Authority, or one which has the seal of the National Animal Supplements Council Quality Seal.

In most cases of pet exposure to CBD products, there has been a lack of clinical signs resulting from intoxication. Clinical signs can develop when large quantities are consumed. In addition, intoxication can be complicated by poor-quality CBD products, which may contain unlabeled THC or other agents. Signs are similar to marijuana toxicity including lethargy/CNS depression, ataxia, and agitation. Other risks of CBD-product ingestion include exposure to carriers such as alcohol, excessive treats, or novel food sources.

Can CBD Oil Make Cats High?

There are some major differences between ordinary marijuana and CBD oil which humans and pets can ingest. The active ingredient in marijuana that gets you high is known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a well-known psychoactive component of the plant. Marijuana contains high levels of this THC component but has very little CBD.

On the other hand, some hemp strains (not to be mistaken with hemp oil) contains very little THC but have high levels of CBD. It’s not a mistake that would be made very easily or often, but if you should give your pet a product containing this high level of THC, don’t give it very much and dose low and slowly because it could very well be toxic to them, whereas CBD is entirely safe and will cause no side effects. That means your cat will not get high but will instead be able to derive all the natural benefits provided by CBD oil for cats UK.

5 Benefits of CBD Oil on Cats

Relieves stress and anxiety

As mentioned above, CBD oil can be very effective in calming down your cat, especially in situations where their nervousness is very apparent. New surroundings often trigger this kind of anxiety, as does being introduced to another household pet, like a dog, for instance. They may have a fear of some person or animal in their environment and are having difficulty adjusting.

Whatever might be causing your cat to be anxious, CBD oil for cats UK will probably help them to relax and get back to normal.

Relieves inflammation and digestion problems 

Pain and inflammation can be relieved in your cat, just like they can for a human recipient. Your cat may have suffered a recent injury and is reluctant to move around, or it may be getting old and have some stiff joints. These are perfect examples of cases that call for giving your pet a dose of CBD oil to help relieve any inflammation, stiffness, or pain.

Since CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory and helps to restore the body’s natural balance, it’s ideal for usage when your cat has some kind of digestive issue, for instance, Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The oil will help maintain a healthy gut for your cat, so it can enjoy better overall health in the future. Given the fact that a primary component of good health for your cat is its gut microbiota, it makes sense to do whatever is possible to maintain a good balance there.

Just like with humans, CBD oil works in tandem with your cat’s natural endocannabinoid system to bring about the best state of well-being.

Supports happy ageing

If your cat is older, it’s probably moving around a lot less, because it’s beginning to experience some stiffness, some aches and pains, and maybe even some minor injuries that are limiting movement. CBD oil for cats UK can help relieve many of those symptoms, and promote greater livelihood for your pet, so it can have a higher quality of life.

Many cat owners have noticed that their pets become more vocal as they age, and begin making more noise at night. This could be a sign that they require some kind of attention, and that they’re missing something in their daily lives.

In many of these situations, CBD oil has helped to calm them down, because it supplies a remedy to whatever it is that’s troubling your cat. This vocalizing is the only way they have to let you know something like that, so when you do hear it, a good reaction would be to give your cat a calming dose of CBD oil.

Tips for Cats to Consume CBD Oil

The truth is, giving your cat CBD oil is one of the biggest trends in the UK right now, with more and more pet owners discovering the benefits it delivers for their beloved pets. The trouble is that many cats can be pretty finicky, and don’t really want to ingest something strange that doesn’t smell like good, solid cat food. So, despite the world of good, it might do, you could have trouble administering the needed CBD oil to your pet. Here are a few tips for giving oil to your cat that might help circumvent their natural reluctance:

  • Add it to their food – sometimes it’s much easier to just discreetly add a dose of CBD oil into your cat’s food, so they aren’t even aware of it. That will bypass all their natural resistance, and since CBD oil has no strong odours, they won’t even detect its presence in their food.
  • Apply it to their paws – the beauty of this approach is that your cat has a natural tendency to lick its paws anyway, so it will eventually lick off the oil and ingest it that way. This way, it will be accomplished at your pet’s option, rather than through any forced action on your part, and your cat will be much more comfortable doing it.
  • Apply it to your cat’s gums – this is one of the very best ways that CBD oil can be administered to your cat. It may take a little doing because it will require that your cat sit still for at least a little while, but it’s actually much better for your cat. When applied to the gums, the vast majority of the CBD oil will get absorbed directly into the bloodstream and not lost, as it would be if it had to travel through the digestive tract first.
  • Rubbing it into the ears – this is roughly equivalent to applying oil to your cat’s gums, at least in terms of how effectively it gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Your cat may be less resistant to having its ears rubbed with the oil than it would be to having its gums massaged with the oil.

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Final Thoughts on CBD Oil for Cats

The bottom line is that CBD oil for cats UK is both safe and effective, and it really can bring about some major positive changes in its overall state of well-being.

So, the only real questions you should have are where you can purchase some quality CBD oil, and how much of a dose you should give to your pet. Consult with your veterinarian on both issues, and you shouldn’t have any trouble delivering some welcome relief to your beloved pet.


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The use of CBD on animals is considered a “treatment”. Thus, before administering any CBD products particularly those that the cats and dogs will ingest, a consultation with a licensed veterinarian should be sought. 

CBD is a complementary medicine and should not replace any primary medicines that pet owners give to their pets unless directed by a licensed veterinarian.