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Sipping on a delicious cup of tea while receiving all of the benefits CBD tea has to offer is the kind of combination that can really make your day special. 

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What Does CBD Tea Do?

CBD can be placed into almost any food or beverage that you can think of, and that is why CBD tea is a smash hit in the UK. People love that they can access the powerful impacts of CBD while also sipping on one of their favourite beverages.

Tea can have a calming impact on those who drink it even when CBD is not present in the tea. However, it is even more powerful when CBD is added to it as well. Thus, it makes sense that there are a lot of people who love to try CBD in their tea. 

Benefits of CBD Tea

There are a number of upside benefits to consuming CBD tea that you may want to know about. The more of these benefits that you rack up for yourself, the better off you will be at the end of the day. Different people have noticed different types of benefits from consuming CBD tea, but there is no question that some of the most commonly mentioned benefits include the following: 

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

A reduction in the symptoms of stress and anxiety is a very big deal. CBD tea UK can absolutely help you bring down your levels of stress and anxiety. Almost everyone experiences these symptoms at some point in time, and it is nice to see a decline in the overall experience of stress and anxiety. After all, it is virtually impossible to do your best work if you aren’t able to focus on what you need to because of stress and anxiety. People who experience these symptoms also may have strained relationships with their loved ones. Thus, it is best to eliminate stress and anxiety as much as possible. 

Alleviate Headaches

Headaches are extremely challenging in terms of one’s ability to do what one needs to do. The pain and lack of concentration that one may experience as a result of headaches are difficult to deal with. CBD tea may bring relief to headaches or even migraines. It is possible to get past the worst impacts of headaches and migraines by taking some CBD in your tea or in other beverages or substances that work best for you. 

Improve Sleep

A great bonus for people who take CBD is that it may improve their sleep cycle. There are people out there who say that using CBD is the only way that they can find some relief for their sleep cycle. After all, there are literally millions of people who suffer from issues related to sleep. It is best to put every bit of help into getting the best possible sleep. CBD tea may help make it happen for some people. 

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

You can get some relief from the inflammation that occurs from the kind of diet that you eat. There are a lot of people who end up with heartburn and other issues based simply on the types of foods that they eat. Sadly, many people end up suffering in silence because they don’t realize that they can take CBD to try to better control those symptoms. 

How Much CBD Does a Tea Bag Have?

There is a wide range of CBD in the various tea bags that it is put in. Some companies add more than others. Some companies have as little as 5mg of CBD per tea bag in their offerings. Meanwhile, there are other companies that go so far as to offer up to 62mg per tea bag. It is all about the specifics of that company and what its customers have come to expect from them. The reality is, that different customers have different demands, and that is why it is necessary to make sure all customers are properly cared for. 

Always check your labels to see how much CBD is going to be in each tea bag that you use from any specific company that you want to do business with. 

Is There a Difference Between Hemp Tea Bags and CBD Tea?

Yes, there is a difference between a hemp tea bag and a CBD tea bag. When it comes to a CBD tea bag, one is getting the compounds of cannabinoids and terpenes that come from a hemp plant. However, one will receive the actual hemp plant when they are sipping on some hemp tea. It is important to recognize that both of these options may be helpful to certain people depending on the specifics of what they are looking for when they consume tea. However, you should read your labels carefully to make sure you know what you are getting into with either option. You don’t want to drink something assuming that it is just CBD tea when it may actually be something more significant than that.

Can CBD Infused Tea Get You High?

There is good news for those who would like to consume CBD tea without worrying about the potential impacts it can have on their body. Medical News Today makes it very clear that CBD tea will not get you high. This is one of the most important things to understand about CBD tea. You won’t experience any of the negative consequences that you might have from similar products. You can even add CBD oils to your tea if you wish to do so and still avoid any of the negative consequences that might have otherwise occurred if you had consumed something else. 

How to Use CBD Tea Bags

The use of CBD tea bags works in just the same way as you would use any other type of tea bag. You simply need to drop your CBD tea bag into a hot cup of water in order to get it to start seeping out into the water itself. You will see the tea and the CBD get out into the water and start to flavour it. You can then use sweeteners or anything else that you might typically want to add to your tea to make it taste as great as you know that it can. 

Does CBD Tea Taste Good?

CBD tea can certainly be just as tasty as other types of tea. Some people admit that it takes them some time to adjust to the way that CBD tea tastes by itself, but there are a lot of different flavours now available which can help make CBD tea taste even better than you could have imagined. 

Those who use sweeteners and other add-ons to their tea can help alter the taste of the tea to make it even better than it is on its own. If you feel that the tea is a little too bitter for you to begin with, then you should look at how you can sweeten it to make it taste a bit better for you. 

How Long Until You Feel the Effects of CBD Tea?

No matter how CBD is consumed, it typically takes between 15 and 20 minutes before one starts to feel the effects. Thus, it is best to take about 15 to 20 minutes before you are set to relax and enjoy your day. In fact, some people will take approximately this amount of time before they lie down in bed for the night. It is an effective strategy to help them wind down and enjoy the end of their day. No matter what, it is critically important to make sure that you understand that there is a bit of a delay between when you first consume CBD and when it starts to have an impact on you. 

What are the Best Brands of CBD Tea?

There are some pretty great CBD tea brands for you to try. You may want to start with a few of the recommendations below to help you understand what the best possible brands are for meeting your desires. 

Buddha Teas

We carry a line of CBD teas known as Buddha teas. These are an excellent choice for those who are wanting to try out CBD teas for themselves and haven’t had the chance to do so yet. They have just 5mg of CBD per tea bag, so you are able to get yourself slowly into the habit of trying CBD via your morning tea. 

CBD Vegan Tea Bags

Another option that you may want to look at when it comes to the CBD tea bags that you use on a regular basis are vegan CBD tea bags. These are specifically created with the vegan population in mind. We want to make sure we always work to provide options for those who may subscribe to the vegan lifestyle, and that is precisely why so many people put their trust in this product.

Things to Watch Out For When Buying CBD Tea in the UK

Always make sure you keep an eye out for some of the most important things when it comes to buying CBD tea bags. Unfortunately, not all sellers are created equal. 

You should look for a company that has products that are: 

  • Lab-tested
  • Organic
  • Responsibly sourced

If you can get the peace of mind that you need make sure your CBD tea bags are exactly what you need out of this product. 

Why You Should Buy CBD Tea From Canna Union

There are many reasons why you might want to buy your CBD products from us, and we want to put you in a position where you know that the oil products you buy from us are at the top of the heap.

Here are a few reasons why we believe that our products are better:

  • Lab-tested products
  • Our employees will happily explain anything that you have questions about
  • Largest catalogue of products in the UK
  • Sustainable ways of sourcing
  • Top-quality products
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 

We have been able to produce for our customers time and time again, and we remain committed to the idea of getting them the very best products on the market.

Our experts are ready to answer any questions you might have about our CBD products and help you find what’s right for you.

Final Thoughts

CBD tea is trendy at this time, and you should look at how you can get your hands on the very best ones that are available to you. If you have the chance to, we ask that you come in and spend some time with us to allow us to show you all that CBD can provide to you. 


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