At Canna Union, we use high quality CBD that is grown in the EU and or Switzerland. It is organic, non-GMO, and has no pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilisers. It is laboratory tested, vegan and kosher friendly. There is no magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide; and no THC present. Our pills are also easy to consume and delivered fast, right to your doorstep!
CBD pills and CBD capsules are convenient. They are in an easy form, with no flavour. Simply swallow one or two with water and away you go. You can even have one in a public place without anyone being the wiser. They are also ideal if you dislike the taste of cannabidiol.
At Canna Union we offer two pill-based options. CBD pills and CBD softgels. Our CBD pills have 25mg of CBD per capsule. Our CBD softgels also contain 25mg of CBD per capsule. While we recommend to buyers that they start with one tablet in the morning, or night; you might like to increase that dosage based on the benefits. If you find that one tablet per day doesn’t have sufficient effects, you may take one in the morning and one at night adn increase from there. The effects will depend on a number of factors, including your size, age, gender and tolerance.
CBD is not a cure, prevention or diagnosis for any health issues. It has been found to assist some people with a number of ailments, however research is inconclusive. The best way to decide, is to try for yourself.
CBD is not intended to diagnose, prevent or cure any condition. In saying that, cannabidiol has been found to assist some people with pain management and we have had many testimonials from customers who agree.
CBD may assist with sleep as it has been found to regulate cortisol, which is a stress hormone. This hormone has an impact on REM sleep cycles and we have received feedback from customers that CBD pills have assisted in this instance.
CBD capsules may help some people with anxiety through the management of daily stress. Canna Union reminds customers though that CBD is not intended to diagnose, prevent or cure any condition.
CBD is not intended to diagnose, prevent or cure any condition. In saying that, cannabidiol has been found to assist some people with pain management as our clients continue to tell us.
The quality of Canna Union’s CBD is superior, regardless of if you purchase the oil or capsules (or any other products). However, the main difference is the taste. Pills generally offer users the option for no flavour – and no bad after-taste. While the oil you can generally taste the cannabinoids and terpenes. Some users absolutely love these flavours while others don’t like them and instead prefer to take the CBD pills or CBD Softgels. Another difference, of course, is the method of consumption. With the pills, you simply take the recommended dosage with water, and drink and swallow. With the oil, you are required to place a few drops (or sprays) under your tongue and hold it there for 30-90 seconds (the longer the better). The oils can also work faster as they don’t have to break down before entering your system.
CBD pills may provide users with a number of health benefits. CBD capsules are an easy way for you to consume cannabidiol, which may help to assist with several ailments, including sleep disorders, pain management and other ailments. The effect of CBD pills is different for each person, so it’s best to try it and judge for yourself.
Placing an order online with Canna Union is easy. Browse through our products and do your research. What are you hoping to achieve through the purchase of these products? What ails you? What is your lifestyle like? Are CBD Edibles a more suitable option for you than Vaping CBD? Choose the products that best suit your requirements and lifestyle. Then select the quantity, Add To Cart, and proceed to Checkout. Fill in your details, ensuring that your delivery address and billing details are all correct, including credit card or other payment information. We accept payment via Visa or MasterCard. Finally, simply submit your order. As soon as we receive your order, Canna Union will then package your CBD products and ship them to you. It’s that easy!
As always, we encourage you to do your own research as the laws are quickly changing in this space but Cannabis products which have an average total THC content of 1% or higher, are prohibited under the Narcotics Ordinance in Switzerland. This means that CBD products with less than 0.2% THC are not subject to the Narcotics Act in Switzerland and they are actually legal to purchase in all countries in Europe, with the exception of Slovakia. Because the wide range of CBD products is not covered by the Narcotics Act, their use is instead governed by each individual product category. That means some CBD products will fall under the Therapeutic Products Act, others will be a part of the Food Act, and even more, will be subject to the Federal Act on Product Safety in Switzerland.
All cannabis products sold in Europe, which can be vaporized or smoked are treated as a tobacco product or as a tobacco substitute product for taxation purposes. This means that CBD Flowers are taxed at the highest possible tobacco tax rate, the same rate which used for fine-cut tobacco, which is currently at a rate of 25% of the retail sale price. In addition to the tobacco tax, all cannabis products must also have the statutory VAT also added which is currently a rate of 7.7%. This means the final price of our CBD Flowers will have 32.41% of indirect taxes included to the retail sale price.
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The right dosage will depend on several factors, such as body weight and CBD tolerance. The type of CBD product and its concentration are other essential considerations, and different dosing methods provide varying duration and intensity of effects. The optimal dose for many will depend on the level of pain or discomfort experienced. Alleviating the symptoms for someone suffering from chronic pain or severe depression will likely need a higher dose than those with milder symptoms, who may prefer the less pronounced effects of a lower dose. Tolerance levels of CBD can increase over time. Many people have found that incrementally increasing the dosage can be a beneficial way to continue achieving the desired effects. Gradually increasing the dose of CBD does not carry any known side effects as CBD is not a toxic compound.
Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in Cannabis sativa plants. There are at least 480 different compounds in Cannabis plants, and less than 100 of those are cannabinoids. THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, has long been the most well-known compound in Cannabis plants as it is responsible for causing the psychoactive effects. Cannabidiol (CBD), makes up about 40% of the resin extract of cannabis plants, has gained some medical notoriety over the past decade. The CBD cannabinoids interact with specific receptors on the surface of cells found in the brain and throughout the central nervous system. The CBD binds with these receptors and imitates compounds which are naturally produced by the body called endocannabinoids, which help maintain an internal balance of health. In simple terms, physical complications or unpleasant symptoms can occur whenever there is a deficiency within the body’s endocannabinoid system. Different cannabinoids have different effects depending on which receptors they bind to. THC bind to receptors in the brain, whereas CBD is attracted to receptors which are located throughout the body, providing various types of relief for a wide range of symptoms from pain and inflammation, to nausea and depression.