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What Are Hemp Flowers & CBD Flowers?

Hemp flowers are unprocessed buds from the hemp plant. A dried hemp flower contains the full spectrum of the plant’s cannabinoids (i.e CBD/CBD flowers) and terpenes.

Consumer demand for smokable hemp flowers in the UK has been increasing sharply over the past few years. At Canna Union, we have risen to the occasion and produced boutique-quality flowers for the UK market.

Our Hemp Flowers Have Less Than 0.2% THC

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a compound with mind-altering psychoactive properties which are found in usually high levels in cannabis, whereas our hemp flowers have less than 0.2% THC.

On the other hand, CBD (Cannabidiol) interacts with multiple systems at a molecular level in the brain and throughout the rest of the body.

The CBD binds with receptors like the feel-good serotonin and others responsible for keeping the nervous system in balance.

This provides a kind of full-body massage on the inside by increasing the number of native cannabinoids. If the body was a symphony, CannaUnion CBD seems to bring the whole concerto into harmony.

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What Are Hemp Flowers Used For?

Our CBD hemp flowers look and smell very similar to THC cannabis flowers because they contain most of the same compounds, only with less amount of THC.

So, when it comes to methods of use, CannaUnion’s CBD flowers are just as versatile as regular THC-filled cannabis flowers.

The most popular ways to extract the CBD for distribution throughout the body are by smoking, vaping, and as a raw ingredient used in cooking meals.

We also have other options available such as cooking oils and tinctures, pills and capsules, body sprays and lotions, or oral sprays and chewing gum.

Smoking CBD hemp flower is an effective method because the CBD quickly reaches the brain after being absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs.

Smoking can be done using pipes, water bongs, or rolled up into paper joints, which can also assist with quitting cigarettes due to the zero levels of nicotine in CBD.

Vaping CBD Flowers & Hemp Flowers

Vaping is also an excellent way to boost the level of cannabinoids in your body, and it is much safer than smoking.

This is because the flowers are not combusted into smoke, which is often quite harsh. Vaping is a very effective and fast method of pain relief due to the potential analgesic properties of Canna Union CBD.

Just like cannabis flowers, CBD flowers can also be dried out before being added as a raw ingredient when cooking a variety of recipes.

Some prefer the convenience of cooking with CBD oil or tinctures as it is much easier to work with, although there are still many others who prefer the unique herbal taste of raw CannaUnion CBD Cannabis flowers.

Why Are Hemp Flowers So Popular in the UK?

Humans have been using the cannabis plant for millennia, assisting with the regulation of appetite, immune activity, and memory formation, among others, and with relatively few possible side effects such as cottonmouth, lethargy, and paranoia.

Late last century, scientists discovered some remarkable medicinal effects when a Cannabidiol molecule protected neurons from oxidative stress, a damaging process very commonly found in epileptics as well as people with other neurological disorders.

Why cannabis plants would produce molecules that seem to be perfectly designed to helpfully manipulate the biochemistry of humans is a mystery to all of us. It could be something of a molecular coincidence. Cannabis plants could be creating molecules like these as a way to defend themselves from other organisms.

One reason why our CBD Cannabis flowers are so popular today is due to their anti-anxiety properties. The effect of subtle focus with a clear sense of relaxation is very attractive to anyone suffering from anxiety. Many people with symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, body aches, sleeplessness, anger, arthritis are trying CBD products to see if they experience any relief of their symptoms.

CBD Cannabis flowers are considered by many to be far more enjoyable than a few glasses of wine and gaining in popularity now they have legal status in many countries including Canada, UK, US, and parts of Europe.

If you want to know more, check out our range or get in touch with our team to discuss the best option for you.