CBD Bath Bombs

(214 customer reviews)

£7.46 or £5.97 / month

CBD Bath Bombs

  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Essential oils
  • Organic
  • Contains 30mg of CBD per bath balm
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • THC Free
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Canna Union CBD bath bombs are available in a range of aromas. From citrus scents that will leave you feeling refreshed, to calming aromas designed to help you relax, there are numerous benefits to CBD bath bombs. For your skin, CBD bath bombs can assist with dry skin, acne, and eczema; while also providing relief from stress, cramps, pain, and inflammation.

CBD bath bombs are great for high absorption rates, providing faster benefits for relaxation and relief. A beautiful balance between hemp and oil supplements provides your skin with the right nutrients for ongoing health.

Our hemp-based CBD is fully organic, so your body won’t be feeling the effects of any pesticides or herbicides. CBD bath bombs are easy to use – simply fill the bath, drop in your bath bomb, sit back, relax, and let the CBD magic work.

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, Magnesium sulfate, Citric acid, Vitis vinifera, Full Spectrum CBD, Hemp Oil, Parfum, Aqua, Mica colouring.


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Dimensions 6.23 × 6.23 × 5.72 cm

Passion, Refresh

214 reviews for CBD Bath Bombs

  1. Stephanie

    CBD bath salt is indeed nice to include in the bath routine because it calms the head so much!

  2. Gracie

    I trust it now since it healed my wound that I got from gardening. Makes my skin a fighter against wounds as well.

  3. Sophia

    So beneficial to the skin and mood and gives enjoying and relaxing bath experience!

  4. Millie

    The bubble CBD bath bombs create on the water is just so mesmerizing and very comforting!

  5. Palma

    There’s an uplifting feeling when I have CBD Bath Bombs on my water bath. I feel so calm while my body is soaked.

  6. Mathilda

    Me and my friends are really into bath bombs. But when we tried CBD, we jump in to it with no hesitation because of the calmness it brings.

  7. Mary

    Whenever I have a hard week, I take a bath with this bath bomb. It helps me relax

  8. Ashlee

    Nice way to remove dirt and excess oil from skin! I love CBD bath bombs forever now!

  9. Demelza

    I love bath times since I include bath bombs there. It helps me maintain my skin’s natural moisture.

  10. Brittany

    The most hygienic bath bomb I ever used. It cleanse my body very well and since then, I was not prone to skin itchiness which I used to suffer, anymore!

  11. Piper

    Taking bath with CBD bath bombs helps to release the stress from mind and body which is really needed to relax.

  12. Anna

    This bath salt is taking me to the next level. I just love it using on shower. This one is definitely helped me to relax

  13. Garner

    Je suis tellement étonné de voir à quel point mon bain est calme tout le temps quand j’ai des bombes de bain CBD! Ça ne me fait pas planer! Cela me fait juste me sentir digne de me détendre.

  14. Isaac

    CBD bath bombs makes me feel like bathing already includes lotion. I feel so moisturized but never greasy and sticky.

  15. Asher

    CBD bath bombs really helped me with my skin itchiness, I noticed my skin has been soft since I include it to my bath ritual.

  16. Julius

    CBD batch bombs with warm water and thoughts about your day is the best combination I could think of. I personally recommend on trying this first before other CBD products.!

  17. Alex

    It’s really amazing how these things helped me overcome my anxiety and it’s been pretty manageable lately.

  18. Rico

    This is 10/10 rating product ever!!

  19. Sonia

    After a long long stressful day, I need to distress by dipping in the tub with my bathbombs! The next morning no more back pain! It was awesome!!

  20. Leonard

    Fast Shipping and great product. I’m super happy!

  21. Clint

    “The weather is hot in our area. That’s why I only feel relax when bathing. I chose the CBD Bath Bombs because it has a different calmness and freshness that stays longer than other bath bombs I’ve tried.

  22. Jade

    Now I can achieve relaxation even in baths! Thanks Canna Union:)

  23. Skylar

    CBD Bath Bombs proved me that sitting down and laying down aren’t just the only way to relax and enjoy your relaxation, but so as with bath times!

  24. Cosmin

    A perfect way to surrender my body before going to bed. The rest and stressfree feeling I get when taking a bath. Thanks Canna Union.

  25. Adam

    Bath time is never boring anymore! With the calmness it gives, i don’t wanna end my bath moments every time 😀

  26. Ryan

    Having a good day is just a bath away! Thanks to Canna Union’s CBD Bath Bombs!

  27. Saskia

    I love bathtimes! CBD Bath Bombs enhanced my bath ritual which makes enjoy it even more!

  28. Williams

    Before my bath time is very hassle. Now its a relaxing batch time for me. Thanks a lot Canna Union!

  29. Edilda

    A stressful day? Have these with your bath and experience the difference!

  30. Generosa

    A stressful day? Have these with your bath and experience the difference!

  31. Lecia

    My bath time has never been so exciting ’til I include CBD Bath Bombs! 🙂 I feel like I’m always in a 5 star hotel. LOL

  32. Hugo

    Since I tried a single scent, I got very obsessed in some other scents of CBD bath Bombs! Now It’s always with me in my every bath!

  33. Lea

    Its organic factor is so adorable plus the aroma that has a spa-like feeling! Great feeling ever!

  34. Ailin

    I have never been so excited bathing before, ’til I tried CBD Bath Bomb. Never thought bath could be relaxing as well!

  35. Hazel

    Insomnia had been my problem everyday! But CBD Bath Bombs threw it all away and gave me a chance to take my rest properly. Now it has been a part of my bath time ritual.

  36. Mae

    Making my stress free day extra special with these batch Bombs. Amazing effect and longlasting!

  37. Marina

    Very relaxing and soothing effect!

  38. Evelyn

    Perfect way to celebrate a Great day is to soak yourself in the bathtub with CBD Bath Bombs

  39. Andie8

    My vertigo is worse when my insomnia attacks. I felt so bad! Thanks to my friend who recommended this to me.

  40. Roxanne

    Jeg elsker å kunne takle smertene mine. Det hjelper meg også å slappe av etter å ha jobbet i nesten 20 timer hver dag!

  41. Lea

    Estoy satisfecho con los resultados que me da. ¡Mi estrés ha disminuido!

  42. Gunter

    Jeg er så fornøyd at jeg fant dette for migrene. Jeg vil foreslå dette til familien min.

  43. Treno

    Relieves irritation in my skin and makes me feel alive! I can’t thank you enough!

  44. Ralph

    I’ve always been doubtful when trying new products. Now I’m in love with this!

  45. Alex

    I enjoy soaking in these and it loosens my tight muscles and gives me a total relaxation!

  46. Lesley

    Dies beruhigt meine Haut und ich beabsichtige, die Nachtcreme bald zu kaufen! Ich bin sicher, es ist auch effektiv!

  47. Bernadette

    Disse hjelper virkelig med muskelsår etter at jeg har trent! Smertene mine har blitt mindre!

  48. Sarah

    Jeg bestiller et par ting på nettet inkludert dette. Jeg trodde levering ville ta lang tid, men Canna Union fikk meg tingene mine raskt!

  49. Douglas

    Searched everywhere for this cure. Can’t believe it’s here at last!

  50. Meyer

    Meine quälende schuppige und juckende Haut fühlt sich jetzt, da ich dieses Produkt habe, viel ruhiger an.

  51. Hanna

    I feel relieved after every bath and the scent makes me relax. My back pain has also lessened.

  52. Muller

    J’en ai eu un comme cadeau pour ma femme et elle adore ça! J’ai remarqué qu’elle est plus détendue maintenant et que son tempérament est cool.

  53. Laura

    Det trøster veldig følsomme ben og føtter. Jeg er grunn for en annen neste uke!

  54. Lisa

    CBD bath bombs are the best and most extraordinary product I used for my insomnia. Pills no more!

  55. Alice

    This works and soothes my aching muscles pretty quickly. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  56. Floyd

    I am so glad I found this for my anxiety. I will recommend this.

  57. Cindy

    Jeg fikk ikke sove selv når jeg var veldig sliten, men etter å ha prøvd denne badebomben, har jeg vært i stand til å sove godt.

  58. Karla

    This bath bomb helps me doze off! This thing is extraordinary!

  59. Mica

    De smertefulle delene av kroppen min føltes mye bedre etter bruk av dette og vil bestille mer selvfølgelig.

  60. Ericka

    Vraiment atténué mon anxiété et ma joie depuis que j’ai commencé à utiliser des bombes de bain CBD.

  61. Sofia

    Ich habe seit meiner Kindheit mit Ekzemen zu tun. Ich bin wirklich erstaunt, wie schnell die Entwicklung mit cbd-Produkten ist

  62. Bea

    Ich habe mich letzten Monat für Canna Union entschieden und es war die beste Entscheidung aller Zeiten. Gute Produkte!

  63. Abby

    Je suis à la recherche d’un produit qui aiderait à soulager mes maux de dos extrêmes, et la recherche est terminée lorsque j’ai trouvé du baume au CBD! J’aimerais avoir trouvé ça plus tôt!

  64. Carina

    Tu es incomparable! C’est le seul produit qui m’a aidé avec mon inconfort musculaire!

  65. Miraflor

    Ich habe Ekzeme und habe große Angst, die meisten Hautprodukte auszuprobieren, aber ich bin so froh, dass ich diese erstaunliche Badebombe gefunden habe!

  66. Marla

    Had depression for years now. A friend told me about this bath bomb, so I tried buying and it’s been pretty good

  67. Clyde

    ¡Me siento renovado y mi piel brilla! ¡Realmente consuela mi piel con picazón y sin efectos secundarios!

  68. Ellen

    This bath bomb are the greatest cure for my insomnia. I’m not going to go back to taking pills

  69. Thea

    My skin feels very relaxed after each soak. Really comforts my allergies!

  70. Elise

    Meine Beine fühlen sich an, als wären sie in einen Topf mit kochendem Wasser getaucht, nachdem ich meine täglichen Aufgaben im Haus erledigt habe! Nicht seit ich diesen magischen Balsam gefunden habe! Entlastet meine Beine sehr schnell!

  71. Sunshine

    I have very dehydrated looking skin and since using CBD bath bombs for 2 weeks, my skin is soft and healthy.

  72. Merriam

    This improves my sleep and restores my frequent muscle cramps. I feel amazing!

  73. Pia

    I have very greasy skin and it was truly hellish for me to find a product that could alleviate it. But thanks to Canna Union, my skin is improved

  74. Adrien

    The days have never been so long because of being in quarantine! Lucky to have this awesome product!

  75. Celin

    I have endured eczema since I was young. I’m surprised at how fast the improvement is with cbd products

  76. Coleen W

    Ma peau se sent bien après chaque bain. Réconforte vraiment mon anaphylaxie!

  77. Serrone Q

    Es lindert meine schwere Psoriasis wirklich und meine Haut fühlt sich nicht die ganze Zeit juckend an. Bin dankbar.

  78. Meriam

    A friend told me about his product and I thought I should try it for my insomnia and it’s been a great couple of nights. It feels good to be able to get a good night’s sleep at last!

  79. Summer

    I have a very sensitive skin and it’s hard to find a product that’s not too expensive and effective. Found this and works great on my skin.

  80. Marian

    Die Lieferung war sehr schnell. Ich hatte nicht erwartet, dass es wegen des Covid 19 so bald ankommt.

  81. Jacob

    C’est vraiment incroyable de voir comment ces choses m’ont aidé à surmonter mon anxiété et cela a été assez gérable ces derniers temps.

  82. Loren

    Tenía esta apariencia y piel realmente estresadas después de dar a luz. ¡Esta bomba de baño CBD funcionó de maravilla para mí!

  83. Veronica

    Brukte år på å prøve å finne et produkt som har liten eller ingen bivirkninger, og jeg er heldig som har funnet Canna Union!

  84. Noelia

    Anfangs war ich sehr zögerlich, also musste ich es versuchen, um zu sehen, ob es besser ist. Und ich würde sagen, ich werde niemals nach einem anderen Medikament gegen meine Gelenkschmerzen suchen.

  85. Cassie

    Dies ist zweifellos das tollste Produkt, das ich je probiert habe! Ihre Produkte sind nicht von dieser Welt! Ich empfehle sehr!

  86. Paula

    I have very dry skin and since I started using CBD bath bombs, my skin is smoother and healthy looking!

  87. Silvan

    C’est sans aucun doute le produit le plus génial que j’aie jamais essayé! C’est la réponse à mes années de douleur.

  88. Selena

    It really soothes my severe psoriasis and my skin doesn’t feel itchy all the time. Appreciate it.

  89. Alina

    J’avais des allergies très graves et j’allais enfler assez facilement. Mais depuis que j’ai utilisé les bombes de bain au CBD, j’ai pu profiter de ma vie de tous les jours sans avoir à me soucier de m’emballer!

  90. Anna

    Bought a few of these last month and gave some to my mom and sister. They just placed their orders today!

  91. Nate

    Ce truc vaut vraiment chaque centime! Cela m’a aidé à faire face à ma dépression.

  92. Rosa

    Ich kann Ihre Produkte nur empfehlen und wie schnell sich die Effekte zeigen. Großartige Arbeit, Canna Union!

  93. Tobias

    J’ai eu les jours les plus incroyables à cause de tout ça. Je suis ravi d’en acheter plus!

  94. Louis

    My skin feels good after every bath. Really soothes my allergies!

  95. Alex a

    I soak in these after every workout and it really relaxes my muscles! You guys are awesome!

  96. Tim

    Siempre espero tomar baños con estas increíbles bombas después de cada día agotador para relajarme. ¡Me encanta!

  97. Nguyen

    I would easily get sunburn on my face and shoulders even when I use very expensive sunblock! These bath bombs really soothes my skin and I feel refreshed every time I use them.

  98. Jens

    Dette beroliger huden min, og jeg blir uthvilt etter hvert bad. Det løfter også opp humøret mitt, og jeg føler meg avslappet!

  99. Jean

    cbd bath bombs provides immediate relief to my hives! I’m super satisfied with your bathbombs!

  100. Bodil

    J’utilise ces bombes de bain tous les soirs avant d’aller me coucher et améliore mon sommeil et je me sens incroyable le matin!

  101. Vincent

    I have suffered with eczema since I was a kid and nothing ever seems to work. Really surprised how fast the results are with cbd bath bombs!

  102. Ane

    Ich möchte mehr kaufen, wenn meine ausgeht!

  103. Pal

    Det beroliger virkelig min alvorlige psoriasis, og huden min føles ikke betent hele tiden.

  104. Carlos

    Huden min ser bare 10 ganger yngre ut. Jeg elsker det!

  105. Nymeria

    Nach der Arbeit in meinem Garten ist diese Badebombe das, was ich brauche, um mich zu entspannen und die Enge in meinen Hüften und Knien zu lindern! Ihr seid unglaublich!

  106. Ivar

    Dame très serviable au téléphone qui a pris ma commande car je ne pouvais pas la terminer en ligne. J’étais heureux et satisfait de son service. C’était magnifique !!

  107. Irish

    Excellent Quality Product and Superb Next Day Delivery 5 stars for Canna Union!!

  108. Harald

    Der Kaufprozess war großartig. Einfach zu wählen, da alle wichtigen Informationen auf der Website angegeben wurden. Der Versand war unglaublich schnell und sicher. Von diesem Aspekt aus kann ich mich überhaupt nicht beschweren.

  109. Riley

    Canna Union’s bath bombs are perfect for me! It helps me reduces stress for my whole week activity. Bathbombs are the best

  110. whisk_45

    Quick delivery, great CBD bathbombs, good quality and works well. Will buy again. Thank you Canna Union!

  111. Katherine

    I would recommend your bathbombs product. I’ve had some running-related hip tightness, but so far, I would say my hip feels better. I definitely recommend!!

  112. Chester Scott

    It worked great, it helped with my anxiety and my back pain. I would definitely recommend your best bath bombs ever!!

  113. Darcy

    No problem easy to order and kept informed on status of order. Informed all the way of delivery. I will definitely be ordering again as the product is wonderful. I really do think this company is great and thank you.

  114. Annika Moises

    Genialer Service und schnelle Lieferung, ich empfehle sie jedem. Badebomben sind brillant !!

  115. Beaufils

    The website was easy to use and navigate to find the product I wanted, with a good range of concentrations. Delivery was very fast, and the product I received was very good quality, better than other brands I have used in the past. I loveit!!

  116. Norbert

    I received prompt delivery and when I rang to make an enquiry the lady was very helpful. I brought cbd bath bombs for my highly anxious 12 year old and they have changed him beyond belief.

  117. Kare

    Quick delivery, awesome products and great customer service. Thank you guys.

  118. Juana

    Entrega inmediata y excelente producto. Muy satisfecho y recomendado a un amigo ayer de hecho!

  119. BorresG

    Tolles Produkt zu einem wettbewerbsfähigen Preis. Sehr gut verpackt und schnell angekommen. Würde auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen.

  120. Asbjorn

    Utmerket service, fantastiske produkter og veldig hjelpsomme og informative ansatte

  121. Jorge N

    Splendid bath bombs! Its best use for relaxing after a stressful day. I felt soooo relief after dipping in a tub with cbd bath bombs

  122. Lisa Q

    Excellent service, product arrived with no delay. Early days but have noticed a slight improvement in symptoms already.

  123. Raj

    Rask levering, fantastisk produkt som har gitt meg livet tilbake! Jeg anbefaler dette selskapet og deres produkter

  124. Sacha

    Great service, I was kept advised, every step of the way. Delivery on time, product is excellent, I would recommend to all.

  125. LennyJoseph

    I have suffered for 15 years with neck and shoulder pain/spasms, your bath bombs was recommended to me by a friend and I can honestly say it has made a massive difference! I have been pain free for 2 weeks and will be buying more

  126. VValentiano

    Very impressed. Helped with my stress and aches and pains. Very nice product! Let’s go with Bathbombs!!!1

  127. Hanna

    Excellent service, fast delivery. Early days, but some signs of possible results from use of the bathbombs

  128. Esmeralda14

    Really happy with the whole customer journey from information to product to delivery! You guys are awesome!!

  129. Stella

    Products are really good I would recommend this company to anyone.

  130. Max Ford

    I’ve been using it every weekend nights for seven months now with good results bringing back quality of life by controlling arthritic hip pain allowing ease of movement to get out walking. I’ happy and satisfied with the result

  131. HotTub88

    I always get excited to get home after work. Because I wanted to lay down on my tub and use bathbombs and get out of stressed!! Really recommended your product!!

  132. Relaxation101

    just what I needed after a long stressful and exhausting day! it really is true, it made me relax

  133. Walter Jr.

    The service is excellent and the packaging and quality of the product is far superior to other brands i have used.

  134. Tariq

    Bathbombs are relaxing….

  135. Manfred M

    Das hilft mir in vielerlei Hinsicht, aber es ist noch ein langer Weg für mich. Danke für das Produkt

  136. dominator$4$

    your bomb is the best!!!

  137. Gelai

    Relaxing!! proven and tested, after a long stressful day! I get to relax myself in the tub using these babies and OH MY GOD! It soothes the muscle pain, stress and a sweet nice deep sleep! first thing I know its morning with full of energy!!t this product is super helpful!

  138. Simen

    bathbombs are wicked balm!!

  139. Burnout101

    Finally made me relax

  140. Orville 🙃

    I just love your bathbombs. really are effective!

  141. Refresher

    The 2 flavors Canna Union have are brilliant. I have 2 choices depends on my mood.

  142. BombBathe

    The bathbombs really went well. It helps me sleep at night and it is also relaxing

  143. Geronimo

    these bathbombs really helped me relax when I am stress

  144. Poppins67

    THis bathbombs are superb!!

  145. Baxter55

    The relaxing life ever, getting bath bombs

  146. H Frostine

    They are super brilliant and relaxing!!

  147. Analia

    I just love them. It makes me relax

  148. Mia K

    the citrus scent really makes it relaxing

  149. Lucas Balke

    This is awesome and relaxing

  150. Joelene Porte

    Great customer service. This is such a great product for my stressful week

  151. Coraline Barre

    CBD Bathbombs are the best. it comes with great flavors too!

  152. Karen

    chase it with the best sleep you’ll ever have!

  153. Belinda C

    I saw some reviews that said they were expensive, but I really wanted to try them anyway and let me tell you – they are certainly worth the price. I’ve never had such a great bath. I almost fell asleep as well and when i did hit the pillow, i slept more deeply than ever. just what i needed after a hectic month of deadlines.

  154. Jeanne C

    your bathbombs are so relaxing! I love it!

  155. Jilly F

    Want a surefire way to calm the kids down for a good night’s sleep? You’ve found it. Highly recommend to all exhausted mums.

  156. Kayley

    Smells great.

  157. Clare Adams

    I used to have acne and its frustrating. But when I tried your bathbombs. Oh my gosh! I can’t even believe my eyes! these helped so much its amazing!

  158. Relaxed

    Seriously the best me-time i’ve ever had. I put one in the bath and just lay there for hours, topping up the hot water as time went by. It really helped with my sore feet (I work at the supermarket and i’m standing up all day long) and i felt like a whole new woman afterwards. i will definitely buy some more.

  159. Emily Jayse

    Candle, wine, CBD bath bomb. Heaven.

  160. Henrique

    Best christmas present anyone has ever given me! thanks mum!! oh, and canna union 😉

  161. Maja Ball

    I love the citrus scent mixed on the bathbombs. its sooooo refreshing!!

  162. J.DD

    fast delivery

  163. Sophia F

    You guys rock! I’ve been looking all over the world for the best bathbombs that makes me relax. and when I tried your product! ughh! its legit lad!

  164. anthony_james

    Got this for the gf and she loves it.

  165. Kathy Hubert

    It only has 30mg of CBD which I thought was great for relaxation. I got some for my kids to use when they are stressed at school with exams. It actually helps them relax and feel more confident about their studies.

  166. Kylie Maddison

    Tried both. Passion is my fave.

  167. Marie Louis

    I have dry skin and its embarrassing to go out using short shorts revealing your sking. Just ordered your bathbombs last week and tried it. Gosh! I did not notice until my mom told me my skin is not dry! def gonna order again

  168. Anonymous

    I received this as a gift and I love it. It was amazing and my back pain was gone!

  169. Angel

    FREAKING LOVE THIS!! I’m a trail runner and this is sooo good on my legs after a big event. Thank you!

  170. Honza Almazan

    the bathbomb is worth the price. I love it

  171. Sally Kable

    Best bath I’ve ever had.

  172. Filip D

    I love how it is well packed with the product. its neat

  173. Emilia Jones

    I have really sensitive skin and I can’t use normal bath bombs or I end up covered in a rash that lasts days! This was totally different. No rash and in fact, my skin has never felt better. Would definitely recommend this to my sensitive skin sisters.

  174. Kally

    I have 2yr old twins and a 4 yr old son … and let me tell you. I don’t get to relax very often. Got the bath bomb from friends and it was the most relaxed I’ve been in years! I can’t wait to try it again. I really need to do this more often.

  175. Fleur

    aimer ce produit

  176. Sebastian Becken

    easy to use and highly effective! highly recommend

  177. Hubert Baute

    I heard about these products and I needed a product to help me relieve myself from stress. something relaxing, and this product was a winner! Great quality too.

  178. Lucy Tebo

    Refresh smells wonderful. Delivery was a bit slow though.

  179. Caroline Silva

    Thanks for the fast delivery. Can’t wait to try these.

  180. Isabella Broomfield

    The bathbomb has E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! the perfect quality , packaging is gorgeous. its not pricey. I just luv it

  181. Anonymous

    the smell is amazing and colour in the tub is so pretty

  182. Gabbi

    I had high expectations for this and it didn’t disappoint. not only does it smell nice and work for relaxation, it also helps ease my sore legs after a long day at work!

  183. Karla

    Tried both. Refresh is my favorite.

  184. Lillian Bennett

    I love the bathbombs! It is so cooling and smells great.

  185. Betty Vires

    Bring on the moisture! This product is a holy grail and it smells amazing.

  186. Meghan

    Wish they sold in bulk packs!

  187. Anonymous

    Made my skin moisture

  188. Abella Rodriguez

    OMG THE SMELL IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it really works!

  189. K Tryes

    Expensive bath bomb but the benefits for my health have made it worthwhile

  190. Harvey Broadie

    I bought this product when I was buying the CBD for myself to relax. It is awesome!

  191. Anonymous

    Its lovely but expensive.

  192. Jessica Bristol

    so relaxing and absorbs very quickly!

  193. Sarah

    The passion bath bomb is sooooooooooo amazing

  194. Julienne Brooks

    me and my mum loves your bath bombs def recommend your product

  195. Stephanie A

    can really smell the ginger in this and i love it. so good for my pregnancy nausea!

  196. Ronnie Bradt

    Perfect for long day. I will be ordering again.

  197. Dani L

    Got the refresh one. soooo gooooooood. will try the other one next time

  198. Anonymous

    5 stars

  199. Elloise Valin

    Mi skin looks moisturizing and feels smooth since I started using it bath bombs every week

  200. GT

    I got both. like the refresh one but the passion is too strong in smell

  201. Isla Mitchell

    My work is hectic and I love getting home and having a nice bath to help relax… I thought I’d tried these bath bombs and I’m so glad I did. They not only smell beautiful, but I have never felt so relaxed in my life. I’ll definitely be buying these again!

  202. Anonymously

    This bath bomb has everything you need. Highly recommend

  203. ThU

    I’m going to get these for all my friends birthdays this year!

  204. L. D.

    gr8 smell. i m in luv

  205. Emma Galicia

    Esto es realmente relajante para mi piel. Me siento mucho mejor después de usarlo. ¡Comprará otra vez!

  206. Jessica

    WOW! I had the refresh one in my bath last night and I’m so impressed. My skin feels so soft today and I’m feeling less back pain than I’ve had for months. So glad I tried this and would recommend to anyone.

  207. Yasmin

    my bf bought me this for my birthday and he’s so sweet and this is the best bath bomb ive ever tried i’m so happy he bought me this and i want to try the other one as well

  208. Anonymous


  209. aadde

    sogood. i just wish they sold these in packs of more than one

  210. Ben

    Best bath bomb I’ve ever used!

  211. Sari

    my daughter has behavioral problems and so we thought we’d try these – she’s a little bit young for the pills or oil. she loves having a bath and thanks to these bombs, we love her having a bath too! she’s always so relaxed when she gets out and it lasts for hours – it’s even lasted a couple of days. i’ll 100% be buying these again, in fact, i’ll get my order in right now in bulk. they have really changed our lives.

  212. Paris

    delivery was fast thanks

  213. Emil J

    It reallu helps my stress. its so relaxing

  214. dark879

    you got the full package in one that I need. Loving the scent of those bath bombs

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