CBD Tea Vegan 10 bags - 160mg

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CBD Tea Vegan 10 bags - 160mg

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CBD tea is a great way to start off your mornings. The small amount of caffeine in the tea can balance the slight sedative effects of the CBD, letting you reap the full benefits of its potential stress and anxiety reduction. Increase your focus enhancement without making you feel sluggish with CBD tea

Made from Loose Hemp & English Breakfast tea. Each Calming bag of CBD tea contains 1 carefully measured gram of English Breakfast Tea & 1 gram of high CBD Loose Hemp. The CBD content of each individual CBD tea bag is 16mg of full spectrum CBD.

Simply add the tea bag to your favorite mug and fill with hot water. Let steep for 4 minutes. Remove the tea bag and if you usually add cream or sugar to your tea then feel free to do so. Stir well and enjoy!

Ingredients: English Breakfast tea (Organic Assam & Darjeeling Blend), Hemp Cannabis Sativa L.

71 reviews for CBD Tea Vegan 10 bags – 160mg

  1. Brie

    The best partner to make a better day!

  2. Jack

    This tea is so good that I can definitely feel so relax and calm after a hard day of work. I surely will recommend this to my colleague

  3. Henry

    This tea is superb! I get the chance to relax myself after a hectic day it is!

  4. Lillian

    This CBD Tea is definitely really good and have been able to help me relaxed!

  5. Carter

    Your CBD tea is super good. I feel so relax and calm while drinking it.

  6. Sam

    Your CBD Tea is so good! I love the bitterness of the CBD Mixed to it. It has been super great after drinking the tea.

  7. Ashly

    Your CBD tea is the best CBD beverage I ever tried. I know you have coffee but I would prefer tea. I’m not much like a coffee lover. But you guys are legit!

  8. Ethan

    CBD tea is perfect for me! It helps me relax and calm my afternoon time

  9. Harper

    I am so happy using the CBD tea. It helps me reduces all the excess and toxins inside my body and also definitley let me calm and relax my mind

  10. Von

    I just love the CBD Tea! It definitely helps me taking to the next level. I feel so relaxed and happy.

  11. Anne

    This CBD Tea is super good and indeed it feels so healthy and calm. I will definitely will order again soon

  12. Jack

    The perfect beverage for a relaxing moment and indeed I am relaxed and felt calm. The anxiety definitely reduced.

  13. James

    This tea is so good! I feel so relaxed and calm. I will order some more!

  14. Levi

    It definitely taking me to the next level! I love your CBD Tea indeed!

  15. Daniel

    I like the CBD Tea! It surely helps me gives more relaxing moment and calm mood. its worth to buy it.

  16. William

    Definitely the finest beverage I tried. I feel so relax and calm. I get to sleep well at night after drinking a cup of CBD tea. I will order with you guys soon!

  17. Adam

    I’m so impressed with the CBD Tea. I feel so relax after a hectic day. Recommended to my family and friends

  18. Sawyer

    I love your tea! Its allways taking me to the next level. Definitely recommend your CBD Tea

  19. Greyson

    Your CBD Tea is perfect! I ‘m so happy I came across to your site and got my attention with teas! Definitely the best!

  20. Kinsley

    This CBD tea is impressive! I get the chance to relax myself after a busy stressful day! deifnitely recommended

  21. Jaime

    I love the CBD tea its so perfect that I can definitely need this drink everyday!

  22. Thomas

    Your CBD tea is perfect for my afternoon tea! Such relaxing and calming time to take a cup of tea.

  23. Hansel

    I feel so relaxed everytime I drink CBD Tea! This one is taking me to the next level! Definitely recommend

  24. Ronaldo

    The best CBD Tea I ever tasted. It calms me and removes stress and anxiety. Definitely recommended

  25. James

    I love your CBD Tea! Its the best tea I tried by far. Definitely tell my relatives and freinds about this

  26. Medill

    Your CBD Tea is the most good drink I ever tasted! Definitely recommend this to my family for relaxation

  27. Dave

    It legitimately gives you relaxation all through the day! definitely recommended

  28. Alcott

    Awesome CBD Tea! I love it! definitely recommend it

  29. Kim

    It really taste good with your CBD Tea! I love it, it helps me reduces my stress for a long day at work. Definitely will order again

  30. Marcus

    Your CBD Tea is super awesome! I felt so relax and super happy. No more anxious and sleepless night!

  31. Daniel

    This CBD tea is sure helps me to keep calm and reduces anxiety. I feel so much better everyday

  32. Morgan

    CBD tea is perfect for me! It helps me relax and calm my afternoon time

  33. Lemuel

    I am so happy using the CBD tea. It helps me reduces all the excess and toxins inside my body and also definitley let me calm and relax my mind

  34. Joe

    I love your CBD Tea. It has the relaxing moment and very calm feeling everytime you drink it. I can imagine everyday!

  35. James

    Thanks to Canna Union, you finally have something that we can drink CBD. your CBD Tea is the best! definitely will order again.

  36. Booker

    Perfect CBD Tea! It definitely helped me relax the whole afternoon. No more anxiety and exhausting day for me!

  37. Carla

    Perfect CBD Tea! It definitely helped me relax the whole afternoon. No more anxiety and exhausting day for me!

  38. Joan

    Your CBD Tea are definitely the legit beverage that makes me relax. Its so soothing and makes me clear my mind. Definitely recommend

  39. Dominic

    I love your CBD Tea! Its taking me to the next level! Definitely will order again!

  40. Schneider

    You have a great deal with your CBD Tea! Just on time that I was able to take advantage with your promo! I definitely saved a lot!

  41. Christian

    Such a relaxing afternoon with the CBD tea to drink. It let me calms and clears my mind. I will buy again soon! thanks!

  42. Shane

    Perfect tea! I always drink it when I wake up on an empty stomach. It definitely let me relaxed.

  43. Dave

    The best CBD Tea ever! I was so amaze on how it actually taste! Definitely introduce this to my friends

  44. Paolo

    CBD tea is the best for an empty stomach before starting your day! It definitely removes anxiety!

  45. Sam

    This CBD Tea is surely the best for my snack in the afternoon. It gives relaxation all through out!

  46. Von

    The most relaxing beverage ever! I love your CBD Tea! Definitely recommend this to my friends

  47. Justine

    I just can’t resist with this CBD Tea. It somehow helps me relax my day after a long hard work.

  48. Dwayne

    A relaxing beverage that I’m looking for. Its the best of the best!

  49. Rico

    Its so great to sip a cup of tea after a long long day. I definitely recommend this to my family!

  50. Dave

    Your CBD Tea amazed me a lot! I’m so happy I was able to buy your CBD Tea. Nothing is more relaxing than a CBD Tea

  51. Dave

    CBD Tea is super soothing to my body. Removes anxiey and keeps me relax as always!

  52. Gareth

    Your CBD Tea is pretty effective! I get the relaxing moment that I need

  53. Allan

    I felt so relax drinking your CBD tea. My skin went silky.

  54. Frank

    Thanks to CBD tea, no more nausea feeling everymorning!

  55. Leo

    The tea is super relaxing! Will definitely recommend to my family!

  56. Steve

    Your CBD Tea are simply the best relaxing afternoon beverage I have ever tried on! Definitely will order some more of this!

  57. Maggie

    The perfection of the tea with CBD really makes my day complete! I will definitely order some more with you!

  58. Dave

    This CBD Tea is so perfect for my relaxing day. Definitely recommended to all people who likes tea

  59. Sean

    I love to take a cup of tea in the afternoon instead of smoking CBD. It helps me relax and can calm myself

  60. George

    Your CBD tea is surely let me calm my whole day! Definitely recommended

  61. Ken

    I just love this CBD Tea. Just making relax. I will buy again

  62. Charlie

    I thought only strains can be use for tea, Finally you have separate product for tea! I will try your new product!

  63. Marco

    An afternoon tea is the best time for my relaxing day. CBD helps everything to give me a relaxing afternoon after a stressful morning!

  64. Rio

    A good cup of tea for a relaxing day off. Such soothing to my body. I will order some more!

  65. Marcus

    The tea really helps my appetite. I definitely love it! Will order again

  66. Magnus

    Such a relaxing moment to have a cup of CBD tea! Definitely recommend!

  67. John

    Aside from detox it also helps reduces anxiety. I love the CBD Tea! Thanks Canna Union

  68. Thomas

    This tea is extra exceptional! I am super amaze with your CBD tea! Definitely gonna buy more of these!

  69. Carl

    A great relaxing cup of CBD tea for a rainy day! Definitely recommended!

  70. Rollo

    I thought I would need to get a strain for me to use as tea. Well, guess what? There is CBD tea already! Canna Union is the best!

  71. Jack

    A relaxing way to drink a cup of tea for an empty stomach. CBD Tea is just the best for me to enhance my appetite

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