Medical Reviewer

Alfredo Gomez. M.D., Physician

Born And raised in Venezuela, Alfredo Gómez, at only 26, is a general physician, an RCP certificated expert, and an advocate for mental health who aspires to become a psychiatrist in the near future. He’s passionate about social work and frequently participates in health programs targeted at the most vulnerable communities.



Universidad del Zulia, Surgeon (General) Physician.



Basic and Advanced Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Certificate


Professional Accomplishments

Rural Doctor in Urban Type III Ambulatory “Tía Juana”, Tía Juana, Zulia, Venezuela.

Resident Physician in Bustamante Clinic, Ciudad Ojeda, Zulia, Venezuela

Medical advisor, part of the medical advisory board for Cannaunion Ltd., UK



Universidad del Zulia (Zulia’s University)

Ministerio del poder popular para la salud (Ministry of popular power for healt) (MPPS)

Colegio de Médicos del Zulia (Zulia’s Medical College) (COMEZU)


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