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Earn Points On Every Order

Earn points with every purchase and get rewarded with free products to redeem whenever you want. Get 5 points for every Quid spent.


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Redeem points with any purchase

Earn points with every purchase

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Earning Your Rewards?

There’s no better feeling than saving on shopping and with our rewards program, that’s exactly what you get. Make your purchases matter by earning points that can then be applied to following orders at checkout.

We make earning points a fun experience; don’t expect to have to spend a lot to earn a little. Our rewards program is made with real people in mind and thus, it’s attainable.

Every £1 spent

5 Points

Product review

200 Points

Create an account

200 Points

Refer a friend

1500 Points Each

Product review

200 Points


500 Points

Refer a friend

1500 Points Each

Redeeming Your Rewards

Earn at least 5% cash back on all your orders *as long as your signed up*

How to join

Join Canna Union’s awesome rewards program by completing the registration form. After you’ve created your account, you should receive a confirmation email. Once you receive it, you’re officially ready to earn while spending!

Sign up now and earn points!

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